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Jack Clark, PLS

Professional Land Surveyor

Jack Clark, Accurate Surverying & Mapping

Jack Clark, PLS, is the Senior Survey Consultant for Accurate Surveying and Mapping. Jack recently retired from the Ada County Assessor’s Office where he worked as the Senior Land Records Analyst. That position involved mapping and determination of real property ownership for tax assessment purposes and mentoring the land records staff to achieve those goals.

Jack believes that many real estate boundary problems can be solved by more surveyor involvement at the beginning of a dispute. His institutional knowledge of Ada County records and years of field experience are assets many Treasure Valley developers, law firms, title companies and land surveyors have utilized and now are at the disposal for clients of Accurate Surveying & Mapping.

Jack worked for Morrison-Knudsen Company from the mid 70’s through the early 80’s. As an employee of M-K, Jack surveyed overseas in central Africa and on numerous projects in the Pacific Northwest and Alaskan support of the companies’ projects. After earning his Professional Land Surveyor license #4732 in 1983 he surveyed in Ada and surrounding counties for consultants until 1990.

Prior to joining the Ada County Assessor’s Office in 1996, Jack worked for Infotec, the contractor to the Bureau of Land Management on their Geographic Co-ordinate Data Base (GCDB) project. This digital mapping project is based upon survey records that originated in the 1860’s