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FEMA Flood Surveys

We’ll provide an Elevation Certificate or eLOMA for your site.

Elevation Certificate

FEMA analyzes land across the country and determines the possibilities of an area to flood. The Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) defines land that is estimated to flood once every 100 years.

How and why does this affect you? If your structure falls inside of a SFHA, then lending agencies may require a certain level of insurance to be carried in the event of one of these 100 year floods.

An elevation certificate is a standard FEMA form that documents elevation and SFHA information on a structure to help determine the level of insurance a structure may require.
When building a new structure you may need three specific and distinct elevation certificates:

  1. Constructions Drawings – We visit the site and collect ground elevation which we provide the client for their construction plan preparation. Then we prepare a certificate with the proposed finish floor.
  2.  Building Under Construction – Part way through your construction the city or county may require an “In Progress” certificate.
  3.  Finished Construction – Everything is built and utilities are in and pictures taken.

Elevation Certificate