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Boundary Surveys

We’ll establish and reveal your parcel boundaries and corners.

These are the most common types of surveys needed for individuals wishing to establish their property corners and determine the exact location of their property. Accurate Surveying & Mapping will take the information contained in a client’s deed description and lay it out upon the ground.

A boundary survey is “a survey made to establish or to re-establish a boundary line on the ground or to obtain data for constructing a map or plate showing a boundary line.” Before conducting a field survey we will perform research on the subject property and the adjoining properties. At this stage a title commitment provided by the client is a very helpful tool as it will provide not only the legal description of the property, but also exceptions to title such as easements or reservations. We will check county records for any maps or plats on or near the subject property. With this initial evidence, we will make preliminary calculations to be used in the field survey.

In the field we will search for and find the physical evidence of existing corner monuments, subdivision corners, section corners and evidence of occupation such as fences or road and ditch center lines. The physical evidence found in the field can then be compared with the recorded information contained in the researched deeds and maps to resolve the boundary.

Once the boundary location is resolved, we will set iron pin monuments with caps bearing the markings “PLS 11463″ at or closely set from each property corner in accordance with state law. A Record of Survey map will then be drafted and led with the county in which the property lies in accordance with state laws.

A verification survey verifies the direction and length of property lines and the position of property corners and monuments as laid out by an existing recorded survey. Accurate Surveying & Mapping will “follow in the footsteps” of the previous surveyor and will find or set monuments at their original positions. A verification survey can be performed without a recorded survey map provided we find no material discrepancies in our field survey. We will prepare for our clients a Surveyor’s Report describing their job in detail.