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Living in the Special Flood Hazard Area

FEMA Flood Certification - Accurate Surveying & Mapping

This sounds like an area you would like to avoid.  However, there is a lot of prime real estate across the country that lies inside of this area.  You might know it as the 100 year flood plain.  Living within this area can raise your insurance rates, place you at a higher risk for potential flood damage and require an “Elevation Certificate”  This is a government form filled out, stamped and signed by a professional surveyor. 

The surveyor will collect specific elevation information and take photos around your house or business.  All of this information will be used to complete the certificate.  Once you have received this you can deliver it to the entity requesting it from you. 

In Boise and Garden City the new FEMA mapping will become effective soon, possibly placing some structures that have never been in the Special Flood Hazard Area into it.  Don’t be surprised if your lender contacts you requesting one of these certificates.

For more information Contact Us or visit our FEMA Flood Surveys page.

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